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Hello all,

The CAP network is presenting the wonderful opportunity to be part of a documentary film exploring the positive affects and skills gained from video gaming.
This documentary is specifically interested in youths ages 15 - 30 and their opinions on this subject.

Please read our mission statement for this film.

"Our mission with this film is to show that gaming is a doorway to communication and technology; creating a venue for the youth of Canada to contribute to the economical development of Canada and to have fun, thus bridging the digital divide of today. The film will present CAP youth interns as well as game companies, and other youths, displaying familiarity with games, showing how basic learning principles embedded in the games have helped them shape their future and our culture. “

If you are interested in expressing your views in this film we would love to hear from you.

Filming would happen during January. In total, the time needed for the interview will be around a half an hour for set-up and the interview will last around ten minutes at most. For those who wish to participate but are too far, we can arrange to do web conferencing.

So, if you are a gamer and believe you have gained any skills that have helped you or may help you in the future, please contact me ASAP.

Thank you


hey guys im joe

Hi Joe... what can we do for you?

hi joe!:]

I personally have never played a video game but my friends often play video games when I am at their houses. I love to watch video games that have a good story line and good cinmas. I don't like to watch the more violent games because they lack story lines. I think that none of my friends have been negatively effect nor do I believe that I have been. If you think about it normally people shouldn't throw things at each other but it is encouraged in sports such as basketball and baseball, so video games can be another nondestructive outlet for some.

Hello all :)
I'm doing my senior exit project on the topic of whether or not video games are addictive and dangerous. Of course my responce will be no, being once a pro gamer.

Devin I'll be glad to help.

Lol i did my senior exit on this subject too!!!!!!!

Thanks for the fresh comments! I've no idea where they came from, since this is such an ancient post. :)

I should put up something new about videogames and addiction sometime soon.

im doing my senior exit on it right now
my damn paper is due tomorrow XD

Hope you got the paper in okay! :)

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