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Thanks for the reminder about this. Given that I'm only ever in Windows for a specific and focused purpose, my screensaver never manages to kick in. Fortunately, I see they have a launcher as well.

See you in the forest!

Forget World of WarCraft! I'm all aboard the world's first Deer MMO.

Thanks, Chris, for the lovely article. I'd like to add that this is the first phase of a bigger project. And although we do very much love its current minimalist design and will most certainly stick to it as closely as we can, we will be adding some elements in the next phase that are more ludic. Nothing very challenging, though, as our focus is on pleasant togetherness and we want to avoid competitiveness as much as possible.
But the first addition will be live performances. Expect the unexpected in February! ;)

This is one of the extremely rare occasions when I regret that I am no longer a Windows user. I've no idea whether this game would have held my attention (you know what a gadfly I am) but I sure wanted to go for a gambol.

I know this seems to be an older blog, but perhaps you could shine a light on my confusion. I've just recently happened upon this game, and cannot for the life of me figure out how to install it correctly onto my computer. I use windows vista, and for some reason I can't find the launcher version, and can't set it to be a screensaver because my computer hates me T.T Any help at all would be much appreciated. ~A so far unexisting deer

Nanna: You need to ask at the forum for the game. Go to, then select 'Forum' from the list of options on the right, then select 'Forest problems and bugs'.

You can check the frequently asked questions to see if helps. For Vista, I note that it says the following, which may help you:

Q: "ForestViewer.EXE has stopped working" on Vista?
A: Deactivate the DEP.
To deactivate DEP, go to:
Control Panel -> System -> Advanced (or extended, don't remember the translation) -> Performance -> Settings -> Data execution prevention -> set to "activate DEP only for windows programs and related services".
Make sure you are running the computer as the Administrator.

Hope this helps!

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