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Game Design

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What a fantastic sounding game! It seems to resemble our Dodgeball in some ways, but without the need for balls and considerably greater play depth. Thanks for sharing and glad you had such a rewarding trip.

You can find some short video clips of guys playing Kabaddi here:

That four-chain tactic seems to be pretty popular, there. I didn't fully grasp what was going on until I tried to explain it to someone else - that's really cool, how these neat emergent tactics grow out of a pretty simple little set of rules. Love it.

Reference of material

Dear sir,

We represent a non profit, non governmental organization called 'Aashvaasan Prathisthan' which is located in Mumbai
( India ). Our area of activity involves an educational and social support system for rural and urban children. Recently we have started a promotional educational literature for children pertaining to various topics like science and technology, contemporary research, humanities, sports, environmental issues, entertainment and sometimes we need to refer to the material made available to us through various sources. During our research we came across your website which we found relevant for many of our subjects. We would like to refer and project some of the material in our articles. Kindly let us know if we could do so with due acknowledgement.

Beyond Books

Chandreyee: I have contacted you via email to discuss this further. Best wishes!

i like it

I am working on a museum exhibition of South Asian life. I like your kabaddi photos and would be interested in using one in the gallery. Would that be possible?


Kirklees Museums and Galleries


Yes, be my guest! If you need formal permission, chase me down by using the contact link at

Best wishes!

Hi, my names alex and i am a sports development student at Liverpool John Moores Uni. I have been given an assinment to make a kabbadi mini game pack to enable children of all ages and abilities to participate and learn the rules like mini tennis ect which have been very successful. Could you give me any help or advice? If i can design an affective model i would happily email it to you for further use.



Hi Alex: what an exciting project - and how wonderfully bizarre that this post should put me in a position to comment upon it! :)

You should probably contact the England Kabbadi Federation and ask their help:

England Kabaddi Federation (UK) Registered

Surinder Singh Manak
77 Danson Road
Bexleyheath, Kent

Phone: 01689 870769

But do let me know how this project turns out!

Best wishes!

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