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Until the vegan movement decides to stop being a circus sideshow (read: PETA), it's open season on cattle for me.

I fear for a future where children know not the taste of real meat, or the sound of a real internal combustion engine.

Yes I agree. But luckily the earth won't sustain that future population so they cannot then be disappointed at what they miss.

Population control is the only really viable method of protecting the future of our race... But that won't happen in our lifetime, so viva la beef and cars for me too.

Animals aren't allies, they are cattle. We milk cattle and we butcher and eat them, there is no alliance.

Logan: you may chose not to have any animal allies, but the majority of humans consider their cats, dogs and so forth to be part of their families.

"Symbiosis" is a delusional statement either by self-imposed or by ignorance. "Free Range" is a marketing scheme, and cows rarely (if ever) see the light of day. A cow must have been pregnant to produce milk. To eat your cheese and drink your milk you are directly contributing to the veal industry with the mother's children and the hamburger industry with the mother's flesh.

I'm doubt many negroids south of the Mason-Dixon line before 1865 would have considered their lives in symbiosis to plantation owners. There is nothing "easy" about being vegan, just as it wasn't easy to end slavery -- a very profitable economic state and a very costly end. A social justice movement is never easy!

"Not in my tribe!" Most people do not consider distant cousins or non-pet 4 legged creatures within their tribe. This failure causes the most horrific practices, as Jews were not in the Nazi tribe, blacks were not in the whites' tribe, and the chimp not in the scientist's tribe.

A thinking man: I'm uncertain why you think "symbiosis" is a delusional statement - it's not clear if you are objecting to the use of it in this context, or in general. If the latter then it's beyond the scope of this discussion, if the former then I think you overestimate what is meant by symbiosis in biology circles.

"A cow must have been pregnant to produce milk. To eat your cheese and drink your milk you are directly contributing to the veal industry with the mother's children and the hamburger industry with the mother's flesh."

I dispute your use of the word "directly" here - surely you mean "indirectly"?

And you are slightly in error - cows do not have to be pregnant to produce milk. Jersey and Holstein breeds may produce milk without being pregnant (Nubian and LaMancha breeds of goat also produce milk without pregnancy).

However, you are correct that in the factory farming of dairy cattle, the usual practice is to kill the calf in order to get the milk. Nonetheless, it is perfectly possible for someone preferring the middle path to advocate dairy farming that does not expressly include animal slaughter.

I agree that slaves wouldn't consider themselves to be in a symbiotic relationship, but since ants farming fungus is considered symbiotic in biology circles I still think this parallel is apposite as used in this piece, which I would stress was written as nonsense and not as a serious philosophical discussion.

Finally, I'd like to note that I feel that comparing veganism to abolition of slavery is rather overshooting the mark. You are making presumptions about future ethics - you are welcome to do this, but it is strictly metaphysics and thus not possible to assert as a matter of fact.

Thanks for your comment!

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