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Excellent. Thank you for the rundown.

My only question would be, why consider the vehicles as a wide variety of separate nouns and not, say, a few nouns with a wide variety of adjectives attached?

What I mean is, consider that most of the vehicles can fit into three categories - wheeled, winged and water. The difference between them is the adjectives they contain. This seems substantially different from, say, DnD's insane use of nouns of all different type and flavor, requiring different usage and stats.

In GTA, all wheeled vehicles share controls in common, though some have variations (the bike with jump, the bigfoot with its four wheel steering). Same with winged (even the bladed aircraft and jetpack use similar controls to planes) and watercraft. The way they handle provides the difference.

Choosing a vehicle to meet your needs in-game can be seen as a choice between the three main categories and then a judgment on your choice's adjectives (assuming you have familiarity with that vehicle) - or, of course, the decision to proceed on foot.

I'm only suggesting one noun is needed for all the vehicles (namely 'Vehicles'), but I have listed the seperate classes underneath for reference, just to emphasise the extensiveness of the game. The distinctions between them are taken care of by the attributes, as you suggest. Basically, I agree, and I think the play specification above can be read in this way, despite some ambiguity. :)

This is good stuff, I'll have to write up a play spec of MC.

Please do! I'm keen to see other people experimenting with the method, and I'd like to see more of the inner workings of Magic Circle too.


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