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If this is a supporting type for me (and I note the statistical disclaimer) then it's weak. The exceptions are arguably:

- when I'm teaching or calling with the band, at which point I focus on the moment and strive for impact;

- in my view of people ("When the Artisan and Rational patterns are expressed together, the result can be especially sardonic" is rather too accurate for comfort);

- and in my seemingly limitless ability to procrastinate and find displacement activities, to the point that finances and relationships have suffered.

It may be that all/some of these can be explained by some other mechanism.

Supporting patterns are often weak. In general terms, I would say for Artisan in support the clearest indicator is the procrastination - since people who express Guardian in support (by comparison) maintain a general (and utterly converse) need to attend to things.

Since we are already placing you firmly around Rational as your native temperament, the jump to Artisan as a full pattern is going to be quite severe for you, so I would expect it to be weakly expressed.

As you didn't find Guardian a fit at all, finding Artisan as a weak fit makes sense; you're presumably flitting around INTP in Myers-Briggs.

I'm betting when you read the Idealist pattern you will also find a weak fit.

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