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Mmm... nope. The *only* thing in here with which I can identify is a tendency towards wandering conversations with people when making small talk - but even there I much prefer a conversation with minimal small talk that then jumps into the meat of the discussion within a few seconds.

Not me.

Given your bias towards the Rational pattern, we shouldn't be surprised that you can't match this pattern up with yourself.

I find in respect of the Guardian pattern that people can see this behaviour in other people more easily than they can see it in themselves, however - myself included. :)

Take care!

Hi Chris! I'm in Australia now... catching up on some of the Only A Game posts I've missed.

I loved reading this because it characterizes much of my mother's personality. It's easy to say that it's a very good thing she tends toward Guardian characteristics, too, since she's the mother of 8 children :)

My mother also relates much of her past experience and time generally in reference to family history; on any given day she can the death of a grandparent or great grandparent, birthday of a cousin or other such event. "This day a year ago I was" or "ten years ago our family was" are very common reckoning points for her.

What I found particularly funny/insightful were the bits about small talk... being the matron of a large family and also the oldest sibling in her own family of eight (oh, the confluence of temperament and birth order!), often in the regulation of good order she will diffuse most arguments-in-progress using much the same techniques as described--the preference for quickly shifting topics and a desire to quell confrontations mean that before you know it, she's got you talking on a different subject when you were attempting to be angry about something :)

Thank you for taking such a great deal of time and effort on these Chris.

Thanks Jack - hope you are enjoying your travels!

Thanks also for the description of how this relates to your mother's behaviour. In a private discussion with a friend, the issue has come up as to whether the Guardian temperament becomes expressed more strongly after parenthood i.e. do people who express Guardian start expressing it much more strongly after they have children? My suspicion is yes, but of course I lack the resources to mount a study into something like this that lies outside of the sphere of games! :)

I worry, with this one, that by including the reference to Milgram's experiment I have undercut the value of this description by effectively giving a reason for people to not want to identify with it. Still, I thought it was an interesting observation, so I included it.

Besides, it is probably best if people read these descriptions and attempt to apply them to people they know (as you have done) rather than to themselves - it is easier to observe behaviour in others than in self. :)

Enjoy Australia!

"I worry, with this one, that by including the reference to Milgram's experiment I have undercut the value of this description by effectively giving a reason for people to not want to identify with it. Still, I thought it was an interesting observation, so I included it."

This is one of the tough things about writing about personality types. Despite the best intentions, the fact is that it's almost certainly Rationals (NTs, whatevers) that are doing the cataloging. Beyond that, I'd imagine that Guardian-Rationals (or vice versa) generally are not drawn to the social sciences. Then add the fact that this is a blog and not a formal university setting, and I doubt we'll be getting too much input from Guardian perspective here, as opposed to other temperaments commenting about Guardians. I know I find the mentality to be quite alien, and difficult to value without conscious effort, as a Rational-Artisan.

Matt A: thanks for sharing your perspective on this. As a Rational-Guardian myself, I spent many years being vehemently "anti-Guardian". It was only in recent years, reviewing a lot more of the paperwork in the field, and considering my own behaviour more carefully, that I came to realise this *was* a pattern I express quite strongly. I just had been blind to it because my need to identify with Rational was far stronger.

I appreciate you taking the time to look through these Temperament posts; they don't see a lot of 'action'. ;)

I am a Guardian-Rational as well, and I came across this page by googling for "rational-guardian". Glad to know there's more of us. :)

What is this "Guardian-Rational" thing? NTJs?

Hi Oddity,
More or less. Guardian is SJ and Rational is NT. So Guardian with Rational is STJ and Rational with Guardian is NTJ. Hope that helps!


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