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Following discussions on the informal sequencing of the content here at Only a Game, I'm going to experiment with a new approach. Broadly, and with doubtless continual deviations, I will work to this new general plan:

  • Monday - comments only
  • Tuesday - focal essay
  • Wednesday - games
  • Thursday - serialised essay
  • Friday - short pieces (snippets, reflection etc)

This will be a strange adaptation for me... One of the reasons the old pattern came about was that I wrote the essay for Friday during the week, in order to post it on the last day. Now, I will be working each week on a focal essay for the following week, and ending my blogging week how it used to begin.

Hopefully, the new approach will help prevent me from flooding the blog with content (as I am wont to do), thus making it impossible to generate the discussions which, frankly, are my primary purpose for posting in the first place.

I'll start my serialised essay on Hannah Arendt's The Human Condition next Thursday, and aim to post the first focal essay the week after that. We're about to move into discussion of Future Ethics in the "Ethics Campaign"; I hope it proves engaging.

Thanks for sharing your viewpoints everyone!


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I'm actually pretty amused by the timing of your change. My renewed blogging next Monday is also going to be taking on a more regimented approach to content, at least for a time. I've been debating about whether to announce it formally, or just start following it and let people figure it out.

Hmm, this is a strange coincidence indeed! I think structure is good, and I'm also going to roll out something like this at AiGameDev.com in the next few weeks.

Might be too late already, but this article might help:


Realignment of purpose seems to be in the stars, eh?

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