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I don't have any comment per se, other than to say that I am really enjoying these pieces very much.

A fine piece of prose there Chris! Being in New Zealand I haven't seen (or heard of) Firefly, but your post provides a sense of the show's nuances, and you certainly display competence in discerning the many subtexts embedded in the narrative - very interesting!

About half-way through reading your post, I got to wondering if you would mention Red Dwarf. But of course you didn't ... quite right too! After all, that would require a full doctoral thesis to do it justice! ;)

OK then,
All The Best!

My favorite blog post in this series, and also my favorite sci-fi show. Looking forward to the next one.

- Kim

Thanks for the kind words everyone! Very glad to know that these pieces are being enjoyed - they've turned out to be a lot more work than originally imagined, and it's good to know they're appreciated.

obd: Ha, Red Dwarf... I haven't even thought about this show in years. It had the worst attempt at a Biblical pun with its "seventh day hopists" - dreadful, but still funny. :D

Best wishes!

This was really wonderful to read, both as a huge fan of Firefly and as someone who minored in World Religions (but who wishes she majored in it!). I liked your analysis, and it was interesting to read about certain things I hadn't considered or thought about with regard to religions in Firefly.

There's better video of Joss at Harvard here:

elsh: thanks for the kind words! I enjoyed writing this serial, and have started to plan out another one on a similar theme.

C: thanks for the link! I've added this into the main body as an alternative.

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