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Why is it that you have time to post entire new posts, but don't have time to respond to any of the questions about your reality hierarchy?

Mory: you make the mistake of assuming that because a post appears, I have been blogging. I have actually only had time to do blog-work once this week prior to today!

TypePad allows me to queue up posts in advance, and that's what happened this week - all of the posts were set up on Monday; they just went live at the time I had set for them, giving the illusion that I had been blogging. (If you could see the time stamps for the posts, you would see they come out at the exactly the same time every day which might have tipped you off to the automation!)

Sorry to leave you hanging! I've been terribly busy...

Interesting stuff. I look forward to hearing about beauty.

"– but we would be gravely in error to assume that advertisements caused TV programs."

I thought that was the whole idea behind commercial TV stations.

Nick: "I thought that was the whole idea behind commercial TV stations."

Sure, but TV programs do not require advertisements - in the UK, for instance, there are stations like the BBC which have none (except for future shows coming up), and even in the US there are paid stations which show TV shows but do not have adverts.

This is why I am suggesting it is a mistake to suggest that advertisements cause TV shows (even though in some situations, there is something akin to a causal relationship working behind the scenes).

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