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do you see (or does Walton himself speak of) any relations his thoughts might have to "systems thinking / systems theory" (for lack of a better word)?

translucy: I'm not entirely au fait with systems theory, although I have a general grasp of the motivating concept. Walton definitely doesn't move in this area - he's specifically tied up with philosophy of art, logic and ontology in his make-believe theory. I don't doubt that the two could be intersected, though.

Best wishes!

Hi Chris. An enjoyable update as always. I am ordering Mimesis and make believe. Anyways I am a long time lurker and admirer. Keep writing!

Chris: "Walton definitely doesn't move in this area - he's specifically tied up with philosophy of art, logic and ontology in his make-believe theory."

This fact holds the promise for a very exciting discussion (;-) since the general assumptions/beliefs you outlined above sound very much like a straightforward (but certainly not trivial) extention of some of the foundational hypotheses in current social / organizational psychology - at least relevant to those schools in the field that declare to be "inspired/informed by systems theory".

So a theory of art and a theory of game design that come to results that can directly inform the development of organizational psychology (and the organizational consulting practices derived from it) are indeed quite exciting (to me at least :)

Rod: as ever, thanks for the kind words! Hope you enjoy the rest of the serial(s)!

translucy: these kind of cross-disciplinary discussions are always interesting to me! I'll leave it to you to decide if you should wait until after the main body of this serial is concluded before kicking off on such an endeavour - assuming, of course, you were offering. :)

I 'll pick up my copy of "MaM" in the next couple of minutes - let's see ;-)

When are you posting the ihobo complementary piece?

Mory: I posted last week to announce it... it starts this Wednesday (tomorrow) and the two will then run in parallel.

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