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  • Michael Moorcock
    "a genuine philosophy for the 21st century"
  • Mary Midgley
    "this matters - read it!"
  • Kendall Walton
    "wonderfully refreshing and inventive"


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Sorry for the tardy comment here, Chris, but I finally finished up reading the series. I really loved his series! Certainly not easy reading, but it was thought-provoking in a way few things are these days. As a game designer, it gave me a new perspective on some of these issues.

I look forward to seeing you do future series.

Thanks for the kind words, Brian! Glad you enjoyed it.

These two serials have changed my worldview a tiny bit. So, thank you.

Mory: thanks for letting me know this! Glad to have inspired interesting thoughts in you... looking forward to checking out your new game "The March of Bulk" as soon as I get a spare moment!

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