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Why do you only show the positive sites like "entertainment and diversion as well as psychological benefits such as increased confidence" but let out the very opposites which happen equally often?

Another great article, by far one of the most clever analysis I've read about astrology. As for most artwork or symbolistic systems, its accurancy depends wildly on its scope.

Would you mind if I translate some of your articles on my (french) blog? I would like to share some of your thoughts but most of my audience is french-speaking. Of course I would mention you as the author and include a link to your website. Please let me know.

Jeena: astrology is a whipping boy that is perpetually savaged by people approaching it from a rationalistic or scientistic perspective; I didn't feel the need to present this side of the issue because personally I find it to be quite widely (and excessively) condemned. I myself have found it very difficult to accept astrology, because of my background in science. What I felt was missing was a reading of astrology that escaped the usual blanket condemnation, hence what I present here.

If you want to present a counterpoint, I would welcome the opportunity to explore both sides of the argument! It is my suspicion, however, that any argument against astrology will rest upon hidden assumptions, although these too would be interesting to explore.

Jean: I would love for you to republish any material that takes your fancy in French! That would be "magnifique"! :) If possible, can you use the trackback system to link your translations to the original posts? Otherwise, leave a note in the comments leading to the French versions.

Thank for your interest and support!

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