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Wow, another wonderful text you give us, I'm glad I discovered your blog. Remains me some themes I'm trying to discuss on my own. For Eris, with much much love indeed.

Thanks for the kind words, Jean. I never quite got this piece where I wanted it to be, but I really enjoyed writing it all the same. :)

Oh, and I didn't get the Badiou I'd asked for in the end, so I shall have to wait a little longer to connect with his philosophy.

All the best!

Regarding Badiou, I'm right in the middle of "Being and Event" and it's brilliant.

I'll let you know, hoping I understand everything :-)


This is a great post. As I read through it, every time you threw out some reference offhand I searched for it. It was all interesting.

Mory: thanks for your kind words! I was worried about the casual way I threw out some of those references, but I suppose the internet covers all gaps. :)

This dialogue appeared as part of the Philosopher's Carnival #120.

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