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Peter DAVISON. Not Davidson.

Sorry, that just annoys me. Otherwise, nice piece. I appreciate that you were able to compare both eras of the show and focus exclusively on the showrunners without resorting to the usual barrage of "ZOMG! MATT SMITH IS BETTER THAN TENNANT!" or "NOOO! TENNANT FOREVER!!!" type nonsense.


"Peter DAVISON. Not Davidson."

Whoops - you're right! Fixed. For once, this was not a typo but just wrong in my head. :)

Glad you enjoyed the piece - and Happy Doctor Who Anniversary, since the show is 48 years old today!


Most interesting article particularly your thoughts on how religion has been handled in recent Who.
I loved early Davies, loved first season of Moffat. Davies just lost me with the ever worsening lonely god, self indulgent, whoa is me melodrama.

Happy Day.

Any Doctor is better than none, at least, so far.

My good Lord Incorrectness, what brings you to this shadowy corner of the internet?

"Davies just lost me with the ever worsening lonely god, self indulgent, whoa is me melodrama."

You and me both!

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