War and Peace: Regimes of Play
Iconoclash and Racist Cartoons

Exposing the Mythologies of Evolution

The official release date for The Mythology of Evolution is next Friday*, and to celebrate here's a link to this post I wrote for the Zero Books blog back in July:

Is the conflict over evolution in the United States a straightforward case of “science” versus “religion” or is there more to this story that meets the eye? In my latest book, The Mythology of Evolution, I look deep into both the research and the cultural conflicts surrounding evolutionary theories and conclude that the usual way these issues are presented is deeply misleading. If we revalidate the science, we end up looking very differently at what evolution can mean.

You can read the entire Exposing the Mythologies of Evolution by clicking the link.

*Although actually you can already buy it.


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Nearly finished - damned good read!

Chairman: really glad you're enjoying it!

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