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It's nice that you appreciate me - but I detest having to sign in every time I comment.

Well, I'm mostly a silent reader, so I guess I should come out and praise your talent now! Your writings, both on ethics and videogames, are inspiring. And I always appreciate how you answer to all your comments; it's quite rare to see this, and it's good to know that you're interested in a real dialogue, which should be the purpose of any blog.

Hmm. You've now got me wanting to look out the source of "do not bite the fan that heeds you". One of Arthur C. Clarke's fans to him after a grumpy comment I *think*.

Chairman: yeah, sorry about the signing in. I don't know why Typepad can't remember these details. I could go back to optional signing in - but last time in generated an irritating volume of spambot comments. :( It's probably no consolation to know that I have to login every time to comment as well!

Peter: *laughs* - nice line! :)

Sylvain: always great to hear from a 'lurker' (although not quite a new face, as you commented last Summer for the first time as I recall)! I particularly appreciate hearing from people who like the ethics pieces, since these produce the least discussion and so I find it hard to know if these are worthwhile. This is particularly important to me since "Chaos Ethics" has turned out to be a real mountain climb of a manuscript to write, and I'd like to think it will actually get read when I get to the summit! :)

Regarding my comment dedication: without this willingness to communicate I'm not sure what the point of a blog would be. To this extent, I stopped reading blogs from people who didn't accept comments because that seemed to undercut the purpose of the exercise. I suppose if there were a lot more comments it would become impossible, but thankfully it has mostly remained manageable here.

All the best!

Well, I would like to comment more often, but English is not my first language, so it's quite difficult to formulate my thoughts on philosophy here. I'm used to write about films and videogames now, but philosophy requires a certain precision, and I'm not confident enough in my writing(even this small comment took me more time than it should). Don't worry though, I will certainly read Chaos Ethics (in silence)!

Sylvain: I appreciate the language barrier - for myself, I would love to engage in more discussions in French, but my capabilities in that language are "pas bien". Your comments are appreciated whenever you share them, and your silent participation in the Game is also appreciated - even if only implicitly! :)

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois! ;)

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