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I know this feel bro! ;)

I wish I could explain to my wife that when she walks in while I am working and asks if I can do something else, this mental intertia explains why I don't just happily drop everything and do it right then!

I think that those of us who work primarily in thought-based work feel this a lot. If you've never done intense thinking over a long period of time, it just doesn't register that this can happen. In the same way that people can't understand how you can be exhausted after sitting down at a desk all day.


Rodeoclown: I hadn't thought of this as relating to 'working with thought', but of course those of us that do tend to have a similar mental constitution in many respects. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this, although I think I always knew this was not something peculiar to me.

Where did you go for your Google Reader replacement, by the way? I went to The Old Reader which has been fine so far.


Sounds like you're describing myself! Including the part about meditation. I don't seem to make time for that these days, though that might be changing... (reading The Power of Full Engagement has helped give me a reason to value mental breaks throughout the day)

I don't see this as having anything to do with the neurobiology of reward, myself. It just seems like the way my brain works, to be immersed in one thing at a time.

Hi axcho - thanks for letting me know this also affects you! As for neurobiology, my head is in this space so often these days that I can almost always provide a picture from this angle, but I never expect it to supplant the actual experience - this must always take precedence. ;)

All the best!

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