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I'm still around.


Ian: glad to hear it! :)

Praiseyou: drawing a blank... I do have 'baby brain' right now! Has your username changed, or are you a recent 'player'?


I'm still around, but many of your recent pieces are so far away from my areas of competence that I'm simply not equipped to comment.

Peter: I think this is a general problem with where my head is these days - I have a great deal of interest in super-esoteric questions. :D

But I'm working on something fun for everyone to do for June...



I'm still around, admittedly sporadically at best. But as long as feedly keeps working, there's a chance I'll return...

... not that I was ever a regular discusser. :D

Hi Trevel,
Great to know you're still about! Not worried about regularity, only conviviality. :)

Hope to speak more soon,


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