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Meta-campaign Score

32 players have returned to comment (victory!)

Game ends 1 July 2014, extra points welcome.

Week One (5 players): Ian Tyrell, CdrJameson, greay, Dougclow, Sylvain L.
Week Two (7 players): Nathan Frost, Bart Stewart, Jeena, Rik Newman, DJ I/O AKA Just Scott, Joe Tortuga, Ernest Adams
Week Three (8 players): Sandbags, Peter Crowther, Noumenalrealm, 
Corvus, Tinysubversions, Danctheduck, Jack Monahan, Michael Samyn
Week Four (current): Psychochild, Ari Chill, Shade Jon, Jmarquiso, Charles Cameron, Theo Malekin, D., Vitor Bosshard, Qwallath, Rickard Elimää, JoseZagal, Tieflinque

The First Players

Here's a list of  players who commented between the blog starting and the end of that calendar year. Those who have commented in the meta-campaign are underlined - wonder where the rest are all hiding? (and who they are, in some cases!)

Source: comment records #360 (7 July 2005) to #330 (31 Dec 2005)

Matt Mower, James O'Donnell, Neil, Uzer, Lucien Soulban, Corvus Elrod, Danc, Peterb, Jason Della Rocca, lordxixor101, Josh, Hub, Thomas, c.robinson, Johnny Pi, psu, Ben Kirman, Kenneth Stein, Eric, Steve, Dhruin, Dan Boutros, CtrlAltDelete, Jack Monahan, Eric von Rothkirch, fluffy bunny, Johnny Zuper!, Craig, Evangolis, Mike S, Walter, Patrick Dugan, Raph, chrisf, Michael Highland, Noah, Aubrey, Mory Buckman, Jos, Greay, Francois, Libby, Anne, somerandomguy, Wondersaurus Fantabulorus, zenBen, mysterious stranger, Terry, ahdkaw, RodeoClown, Darius Kazemi, Chico Queiroz, Nicole Lazzaro, Dave Elliot, Gorgon88.

Twitter Emitter

Time to turn to Twitter to dig up old players! I’ll be pushing all week to get points for the team. We tied up the score of the meta-campaign last week, but then fell behind over the weekend to 16-12 against us. Hope we can gain some ground against our enemy, time, this week!

Social Media Beachhead

Time to take to social media! I will ask around on Google+ to see if I can find any former players willing to come and comment. If anyone is on Facebook, I’d welcome some mention of the Meta-campaign there. Here’s what I intend to post on Google+:

Have you ever posted a comment at Chris Bateman’s philosophy blog, Only a Game? Come and post a comment in the Meta-campaign and help us collect thirty returning comments in thirty days!

We’re behind three comments at the moment… hope this helps us catch up!