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Make that "1" player ;)

Or 2.

Once I'd had a stab at a username and password for a few ID services, found out that I wasn't on any of them, then created a new account.

I'm sure I used to comment, but my identity seems to have vanished. I guess that's why I make them up.

Ah, Ian, I might have known you'd be the first out of the gate! :)

And welcome back, Commander Jameson - my absolutely favourite player named after the starting character in both "Traveller" and "Elite"! ;) Where have you been? Haven't heard from you in a long time... have you just been lurking, or have you been away somewhere? Would love to know your story...

2 down, 28 to go!

Hello Chris - I hope this counts as a comment. I've been on a premium of time lately and as such had less time to comment on your blog ... but I have still been keeping an eye on you. Except for those 2 days feedly were down.

Best wishes to you

Noumenalrealm: time is at a premium for us all these days... I fear that 'free time' is rapidly heading towards the status of oxymoron. :) Thanks for commenting!

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