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A Virtuous Interlude

Sunset BirdsIt is time once again for my autumnal social media break, a chance for me to exercise my cyber-restraint, pay less attention to my pocket robot’s distractions, and peer more deeply into the world around me. When I come back in early December, I have a small handful of blog-letters to share before the Winter Festival hits – mostly on or around game topics, and following on from discussions that have already happened here or at events I went to this year. I have room for one more that I haven’t started yet, so if you want to write a blog-letter to me while I’m away it would be more than welcome.

Then, as the Gregorian New Year comes around again, it will only be two months to the release of The Virtuous Cyborg and I will be gearing up for the book’s launch events. I will be touring, so if you would like me to come for a guest lecture or other speaking gig please get in touch through the contact link at, or directly if you already have my email address. So far, I am focussing on the UK but a US trip is always on the table and Europe is only a short trip away even if the current political climate makes it feel more distant.

To everyone who has continued to support the discussions here at Only a Game, my unlimited love and gratitude. Enjoy the silence, and we shall speak again soon.

The Game resumes in December.


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Hey Chris, it’s Ryne again. So I’ll try to make this one a bit more brief, even though it’s about the one of the greatest philosophical discussions of all time: God. Yep, the big old G.O.D, and how I relate to the idea. I’m not really trying to externalize this question upon the metaphysical and religious aspects of the universe and society and so and so forth. But I’m rather trying to figure out something personal for myself, which is: What belief do I classify as within my form of belief?

I know that I’m not an atheist of any kind, but neither am I religious in any way. From what I do know, is that I range somewhere in field of deism sense I don’t believe in a personal, anthropomorphic god that can evaluate morals. So as of these past couple months, I’ve been trying to pin down the correct ‘ism’ that I’d properly clarify as. For example, when I began researching more about Einstein’s beliefs, he generally came to range under the pantheist description (to my knowledge, it wasn’t officially established if he was one). At first, I thought I would classify as a pantheist, but the more I investigated it online, it seemed to be more pagan than I would describe myself as. Panentheism as of now seems like greatest classifiable term for me, as it’s what I’m leaning towards.

Although, out of all of these contrivances for categorizing the many different variations of belief outside of traditional theism and atheism (pantheism, panentheism, pandeism, panendeism), my greatest contradiction to being any of these is that I believe the universe has an order (everything happens for a reason). Sort of like taoism, yet I still hold a far more spiritual upholding in there being a deity. Obviously, it wouldn’t make much sense to believe in a natural order, and still believe in an impersonal god.

I probably have yet to be critiqued on that last sentence. Nonetheless, without having to read through tons of books and articles on science, philosophy, and religion, I thought I might as well take the easy way out and ask you. So what would you say I would classify as?

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