not very well
want to know more


....yeah totally accurate.

aww yeah baybee i just love a good challenge. I'm A SHARK MOTHERFUCKER

sweet dude

Hahaha, punch the air when I defeat a near impossible foe. Sounds like me XD

What's depressing?
I am this, apparently. I don't enjoy Halo or Call of Duty. Or for that matter, Starcraft.

I disagree with the Starcraft selection for this class. SC requires far too much methodical preplanning to be anywhere but in the Mastermind class.

I got a 17/15/10 split between conquerer/daredevil/socialiser. The three games I wrote were Deus Ex, Morrowind, and Plants vs Zombies (I *almost* wrote diablo!)

I really don't know what I enjoy about games, I just DO. i don't play them very often, and I do prefer playing with friends. I don't like to lose, I do love discovering new items/toys (I get a tiny dopamine rush each time I see a new item!) so guides listing all weapons/items in a game are a guilty pleasure for me, like porn. I'm serious, its kinda ridiculous. I like action games, but I prefer those with strategical elements because I'm good at maximizing reward systems.

There was NO WAY to communicate ANY of this on the quiz!

How the games for this type relate to me:
Call of Duty- I like shooting games, I haven't played CoD though.
Halo- I like single player. With friends, I prefer co-op to deathmatch.
Metal Gear Solid- Stealth games annoy me. I keep trying to like it, unsuccesfully.
Metroid- I played bits of Prime, which was pleasantly scary.
StarCraft- There are too many details for me to hold in my head for me to be good at it. I'm great at Dawn of War, though.
Super Smash Bros.- I can't master button smashes, the most enjoyment I get is staring at the colors when I'm high.
(if you're wondering, the only game I've played under Daredevil was GTA)

This test was disappointingly useless to me. I hope this is useful to you guys, you can contact me if you like. It looks like a great concept! Okay I'm going to go play Arcanum, of steamworks and something something now! I'M A DWARF WITH A MACHINEGUN!

I definitely enjoy beating other players. All the games listed there? I've played and enjoyed them all. Call of Duty, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Metroid, StarCraft, and Super Smash Bros. And are some of my favorite games of all time. I also enjoy beating tough opponents as part of a team. Tough single players join together to become an unstoppable unit. Stregths combine and cover weaknesses.

I also agree that Starcraft better suits the methodical planning of the mastermind than to the conqueror, or as a different type of conqueror. The difference between the Strategic conqueror who plans, and the conqueror who is part of or IS the army.

Interesting that the brain region is the one that controls anger. I've never been an angry person, nor overly aggressive. Just competitive and prideful. Soft rock and pop are far more to my taste than metal, screamo, etc.

I guess I'm more like the shark than these other hotbloods. They're actually pretty calm and aloof, until it's time for them to strike. Nothing personal, no insulting banter, no yelling. Focused, precise and deadly.

omg im scared, this is WAY to accuret... espesaly the anger, forcefu and beating other players (and harassing them when i do so) part.

Some of the best games ever:
tiberium series
diablo series
team fortress 2
kingdom hearts series
halo series
total war series
starcraft series
super smash series

Vini,Vidi,Vici ~Julius Ceaser

I came, I saw, I conquered

Yay conqurers >:D!

Although i got a three way tie for seeker, mastermind, and achiever (all 14) :O.

Halbyrd: the favourite games are based upon the results received so far. However, since Mastermind-Conqueror and Conqueror-Mastermind are popular results, there is probably some "crosstalk" skewing the favourite game data. We don't have a way of factoring this out currently.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Interesting survey and research. I scored conqueror with a sub class of conqueror-mastermind. Ironically some of the games listed as favoured with this class are some of the games I'm either bad at or can't stand.

For example, Call of Duty and Metal Gear Solid are games I like but I'm horrible at. Does personal preference for game genre get factored into your results or how you classify respondents?

Good luck with your research, this is fascinating!

Tanya: the favourite games are averaged across all respondents, so you shouldn't be surprised that you don't match the results! No-one actually matches the average, after all! We're all unique in our tastes.


Pretty accurate, good job! I love Call of Duty and Starcraft, and I think I could do decently in Halo and MGS. I'd recommend, though, maybe finding out whether the aspect of gaming that's really into competitive team play would be significant? For example, the multiplayer part of COD, or DOTA. For me, that's the most important part of it, but I don't think it really falls under the "socializer" aspect.

Hmm, I came out Seeker-Conqueror. Seeker felt pretty accurate, but this one is nothing like me. I did like Halo, and Starcraft was ok, but the other games listed don't interest me much at all.


"you channel your anger in order to achieve victory" When it comes to computer games, that is me to a T. I am an angry, angry pixie with the vocabulary of a drunken sailor.

It seems I am a Conqueror-Seeker and I do kinda find myself in the description with the exception of "anger channeling" thingy. I think it has something to do with how I like the challenge over winning.

Comparing "intense sense of unity" and "jaw-dropping wonder or beauty" that are almost nonexistant in games to solving a puzzle is rather strange tho..

Funny that two of my dominant types are realated to anger parts of the brain..? I'm not really an angry gamer. Maybe back when I played Halo, I'd be frustrated with myself on a bad day/game. But I am a patient man. My actions are calculated more than anything. Mastermind tied with Socializer for my sub-class.

The things I enjoy most in games are mastering difficult skills (2D fighters and comboing especially), teams that are able to coordinate intuitively or quickly (various FPS team multiplayers), and powerful stories/RPG elements.

I tried to relate that in the preferred games section by putting in games that I felt best represented each of those respective elements. Now it seems that all of those games were aligned with my class and subclass, even though they were very different in nature or genre? I guess the favorites will become more accurate with more surveys, but I bet most people are already aware of what elements they enjoy different games for. I suspect someone would have entered Starcraft under Mastermind before Conqueror for example. I suppose I can see traces of Conqueror in all the games I entered.. The more I think about alternative methods for increasing the favs accuracy the less I find it would be worth the while, since people can find their class in many games even when it's not the dominant one.

Props to what you've accomplished so far.

Street Fighter needs to be added to this list ;)

Very accurate.


I fail to see how you can group "eventually achieving victory" with "beating players". Failing a boss battle fourty seven times and finnaly succeeding is not at all related to winning a 1v1 Q3A duel. The playstyles are extremely disparate, and an attempt to equate them simply shows a complete lack of understanding.

"I disagree with the Starcraft selection for this class. SC requires far too much methodical preplanning to be anywhere but in the Mastermind class."
Comment shows a distinct lack of understanding of competitive Starcraft :(

Starcraft is the best example of a Conquerer-Mastermind game. Yes there's a lot to think about with build orders, timings, positionings, etc... However all this thinking is done for a greater purpose : CONQUERING the opponent.

But yea I guess that the brainhex diagram could be improved by separating classes in two categories, kinda like the Myers-Briggs personality types... for example the two categories could be objectives and methods

Objectives classes would reflect a player's goals: Conqueror, Seeker, Survivor

Methods classes would reflect how someone would like to accomplish his goals: Mastermind, Daredevil, Socializer

The Achiever class should be kept separate... Achievements can come from all kinds of objectives (conquering a very tough boss/puzzle, finding lots of hidden items, etc.) therefore you're either an achiever or a non-achiever or somewhere in between. In theory, hardcore/midcore players should have higher achiever tendencies because they spend much more time on games.

Nice work overall.

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