You do everything on your smartphone and love it – you are, now and forevermore, a cyborg.
But how would you know if you were a good cyborg?
Meet the Publisher

Who is Chris Bateman?

$45 haircut.croppedDr Chris Bateman is a game designer, outsider philosopher, and author. Graduating with a Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Science, he has since pursued highly-acclaimed independent research into how and why people play games, and was the first person in the world to gain a Doctorate in the aesthetics of play experiences. He works in the digital entertainment industry as an expert in game design and narrative, and has nearly fifty published game credits, including the acclaimed Discworld Noir and Ghost Master. His previous philosophy books include Imaginary GamesThe Mythology of Evolution, Chaos Ethics, and Wikipedia Knows Nothing, which have won praise from Mary Midgley, Kendall Walton, Allen Wood, Joanna Zylinska, and Michael Moorcock. As well as working on videogames, he teaches at University of Bolton in the United Kingdom and Laguna College of Art and Design in California.