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Thursday, 05 March 2009


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I predict the winner will be Matt. He commented on about your 3rd post on 7 July 2005.

... game over.

Very short games.

The prediction for few players was obviously warranted.

Hey Bezman, we (read: you) need to come up with some way to rig this to entertain ourselves. Any ideas on how we can challenge people to prove they were the longest player without giving the older ones anything to prove themselves by?

I realise that they will just ask the umpire for a ruling, but it will give us some way to amuse ourselves until Chris comes back.

Either that or we can play comment Pong.

| .
| .

It's going pretty fast, you better hit it back :P

A photo of yourself, a newspaper from that particular day and the computer screen showing OaG?

Hahaha nice one.

Sorry everyone - I messed up my research for this one. :( When I looked, it seemed to me to be a three horse race, with the question being whether James or Gamefiend would turn up and make their claim. I failed to check the timestamps of the comments, which was the critical factor.

Oh well, at least we had a minigame that Bezman didn't win - tee hee! :)

Neil: what would you like as your victory link?

Was it 2005? Jeez.

Yes it is racing away into the past. Pffft. Silly time.

Ok, My link would have to be my fave webcomic:

I loves it, even though I don't get the higher level maths stuff :-)

Chris, it's alright, I had fun :D Glad to see you're back.

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