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Thursday, 05 March 2009


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Since I was, I think, the first (only?) person to lobby you to blog I guess I have some claim here.

That said I have no recollection of your early posts.

That said I have no recollection of most anything.

I (and Bezman) propose that this is verified by posting a link to a photo showing all of the following:
- yourself,
- a newspaper showing the date, and
- a computer screen showing the Only a Game website.

I claim to have posted on the website for over a day.

Since obviously Matt will reject your impossible test, it will come to an umpire adjudication, and since everyone has more or less chosen to resolve this on the basis of the timestamp of comments I shall use that, thus ending the game.

Once again, sorry this fell flat. Oh well, the best laid plans and all that...

I'm not clear what the victory link is meant to link to exactly so I shall go for the ego option:

That was your secret aim all along - to make me lose?

The next minigame: Superlative: least hairy player.

Bezman: I actually contemplated a game entitled "Beat Bezman". :p

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