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Wednesday, 15 April 2009


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So I can verify in a separate comment to my spies?

In any case, some easy ones to verify, and beat if there are older versions (which there are, I just am not in "game thinking" mode right now).

Lasting longer than 1 minute

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - utterly redicuslous loading times - from the overland map, to skirmish, to battles. many lasted more then a minute, in fact I doubt any lasted less then a minute!

Lasting less than 1 second

GTA 3 - and subsequent ones before GTA IV - loading between islands literally takes less then a second (but still is a noticable pause and the screen pops up) on any reasonable hardware (even when it was released, the loading between islands on the PC (compared to the console which it was put in place for) was a very small amount of time.

Initial loading was longer though.

Two easy ones from GTA to verify at least :) old? not in the slightest...

Sorry, not both from GTA, I was originally going to spy a different one to Warhammer.

I don't know if this counts: T
he installer (sort of a loading screen) for the North American release of The Broken Sword (known as Circle of Blood over here) had a breakout game in it to alleviate the wait time while the various files were copied.


stating 'now loading': Mad World
Check 0:38 above for an example.

red (and black and white) only: Bushido Blade
The loading screens are black, followed by white and the game's name written in red. Check 3:27-3:33 for the loading screen and 3:33 in particular.

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos (>1 minute)
GTA 3 (<1s)
BS: Shadow of the Templars/Circle of Blood (minigame)
I think the Broken Sword example is in the spirit of a loading screen.

Andrew: I think you're confused by the rules. You get the extra points not for the sighting of the oldest example, but the oldest sighting (that is later verified). I'm fairly sure you're only allowed one post/day - not one for sightings and another for verifications.

Referee's notes: yes, it's supposed to be only one comment posted per day, that can include both your 2 sightings and any number of verifications. (Additional "non-game" comments are "free").

And yes, as Bezman says, "oldest" means "first presented in this game", not chronologically eldest. Sorry for any confusion!

"first presented in this category" you mean? :)

Playing Music - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, some hip-hopping beats for the initial loading screen (that music was pretty neat) -

Blue loading screen (although briefly - was longer when the game first came out I recall, but only played the demo) - Uplink -

Can't confirm any of those above games - although I'd trust the videos I guess, since I've not played any of them (for shame :( ). Surprised Madworld doesn't use red in it's loading screen though :) I must say I am more a PC game player.

Featuring a minigame you play while the main game loads --

Tekken had you playing Galaga before the main menu popped up.


red loading screen: BC: re-armed
(All loading screens contain only white text, a solid black bg and some red hexagons)

advert whilst loading: Portal Defenders
(Note: I'm not talking about the adverts below the loading bar, which are technically not part of the .swf but rather the adverts featuring in the TV screen above the loading bar.)

GTA: San Andreas (playing music)
Uplink (Blue)
Tekken (game). This would've been one of my sightings today if it weren't already 'sighted'.

I'll confirm Portal Defenders (at least if you use a browser which doesn't have adblock), and Bionic Commando Rearmed.

I spy Hinterland playing music while loading (since I've played it recently), awesome menu music actually.

I spy Fallout 3 using only green coloured loading screens - although I can't remember exactly, I think they're all green and black slides (if I'm wrong, that's a wrong spy!)


over a minute: Arkanoid on Spectrum
(as well as pretty much any other tape-based Spectrum game...)

Last Ninja (c64)

Portal Defenders features ads regardless of your browser - the ads are within the actual .swf so can't be blocked seperately.

Funny, Adblock Plus seems to block them :)

No idea about Arkanoid, but I'll confirm last ninja, funky music man.

I spy Civilization 4 with music while loading (it even fades out properly when the loading finishes!)

I spy Deus Ex for less then a second loading screens - the game now is very nicely fast, being so old! EG:

Loading Screens playing music: World of Warcraft
Loading Screens featuring only red: Dungeon Siege 2 (when you load a saved game, not when you load the game itself).

I'll confirm Civilisation 4 for music while loading.

Ahh I missed a few days of this because I've been sick and I forgot to read blogs :(


cat: chu Chu Rocket (DC) (When the online stuff is loading up?)

over a minute: Skool Dave (Spectrum)

Dungeon Siege 2

Loading Screens less than one second: World of Warcraft (the part where it says "connected" during the authentication process, the other loading screens tend to stay on for longer.)

Loading Screens with a cat: A Game with a Kitty (indie) The link will let you download this game and have a look for yourself!

"now loading" - Every Extend Extra Extreme (xBox 360)
It's in the bottom right as you enter the menu. You can download a trial...

"Please Wait" - Xbox 360 update screen.
When you launch a game that requires an update (and are connected to xBox Live), upon accepting to recieve the update, the screen contains the words 'Please wait.'

Green only: Fallout 3
<1s: WoW
featuring a cat: A Game with a Kitty

Two days left everyone! Come on Andrew and Katherine, don't let Bezman walk away with another victory! :p The Virtual Cup calls to you!!!

Damn, I totally didn't have time to check this (too much Mount & Blade!), and also, I was running out of ideas - I wanted to find a bike one, but couldn't, and most of my others would have been boring "This has music".

Ah, sucked into Mount & Blade, eh? Rookie mistake. :D Thanks for playing!

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