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Universal Disclaimer

It should be understood that whatever I write, and whatever tone I write in, the following Universal Disclaimer always applies:

When I write what I'm thinking, I recognise I could be wrong.
When I write what I'm feeling, I'm just expressing myself.
When I write what I believe, I expect other people to have different beliefs.

I don't believe in absolute truths, I recognise that subjectivity underpins all our experiences and I feel that diversity of perspectives is essential.


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"I don't believe in absolute truths"

Tell that to gravity.

Does gravity have an inbox you know of? I have some questions I would like answered...

i'm right: Ha, amusing, but slightly misguided. :)

You may be correct that while we are stuck in this time and place gravity is a fact we can't escape, but that doesn't make gravity an absolute truth. There were, it seems, (brief!) moments before gravity came into effect, and there are (hypothetical) places without gravity or with gravity that behaves differently to what we would expect. And who can say what will happen with gravity in the far future!

There's nothing absolute about any of the "laws" of physics; they are our models for underlying physical behaviours... we don't and can't know how universal they are. In fact, we should probably suspect that most of our models are in error in some way, as this is the trend in science. ;)

An absolute truth must be true for all people, for all times, for all places. Some people believe in such things, I do not. And, of course, even if you did believe in such things, you could never prove your case without travelling to all times and all places. :D

Best wishes!

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