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Does anyone know where I can get blank cardboard hexes, about 8-9 cm (3 inches) diameter, on thick enough cardboard to tesselate naturally (think Settlers of Catan hexes)? I don't want to have to pay to have a specialist die cutter made.


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The card game I'm designing is going to have hexagonal cards and I've had no luck finding anything like this online.

Where I haven't asked is custom stationary places, game supply companies, and playing card companies. I haven't been ready to spend that kind of money on it just yet.

I'm looking into getting them custom made by a packaging company. If you're interested, I'll let you know how much it's going to cost me. Let me know if the size of hex I'm talking about is no good for you.

Sadly, while I could get by with a three inch hex, I need cardstock, not cardboard.

I'm not really sure what cardstock is... it's not a term we use in the UK, I think. I'm looking at 2500 micron (2.5 mm) card at the moment. I assume that's too thick for your purposes, because you want the hexes to be like cards, not like a board.

Like playing cards, yes.

Well, I just ordered 200 cardboard hexes, 90 mm diameter (45 mm sides), 1 mm (1000 microns) thick. I'm getting them cut by laser, so I didn't have to spring for a die cutter to be made. It was expensive, but it should cover me for four different hex based games. 1 mm thick is the same thickness as Settlers of Catan hexes; probably still too thick for your purposes, though.

Try Pictors Studio. They create foamcore hexagon blanks. Not as firm as cardboard, but good enough for prototyping.

Thanks for the tip, Robert, but as the comment says above I already have the hexes I needed. I'll certainly bear Pictors Studio in mind if I need any more, though. Thanks again!

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