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Is it socially permissible to initiate dialogue with a stranger without a specific topic? Cultureraven posts rarely, and rarely posts completely, but his topics are often of great interest to me, and as he and Anne Galloway are the only other people in the world I can find who express an interest in Caillois' work, I find myself motivated to attempt to pursue a dialogue of some kind. But what kind of dialogue can one have in the absence of a topic?

(The trouble with Anne, who posts regularly, is that she often writes for other sociologists at a postgraduate level, so her terminology is frequently just out of reach for non-sociologists such as myself; perhaps there is some key book on the subject of sociology which would bridge the gap).

Sadly, my internet has clammed up (I can upload but not download). All I can point to is his most recent post on Roll the Bones on the topic of Stiegler's views on myths and technology, which is rather framentary. He posted recently on both tool use and play among dolphins.

It is not that I desire small talk, nor even "Big Talk", but rather I wish to see if there is enough similarity in our focus for there to be middletalk, which is to say the organic exchange of ideas and viewpoints, but only if such an exchange is wont to occur naturally.

This, in effect, is me asking another person to check my ramblings and see if they are of interest (the Key Posts sections in the sidebar are probably the best place to start: scan the titles, and see if anything grabs; if not, go your merry way!) Put that way, it seems like direct marketing... Is it acceptible to direct market one's blog to others in this way? I welcome opinions.


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I'm always hesitant to point other bloggers to specific posts of mine, although I've done so in the past. Instead, I post comments when I have something of value to say, or (as I did with you) post responses on my blog and trackback (even if it's a 'manual trackback'). Invariably, if there's a connection, they follow suit and a dialogue begins.

I'm a longtime reader of Roll the Bones. At one point, I engaged him about Gadamer's phenomenological definition of play because it was something I was reading at the time, and he was certainly nice about it.

Callois, is he the guy who wrote about illinx, alea, agon, and mimicry? I've become interested in the terms reading this blog, as I think they're beautiful words which are incredibly useful. I was gonna post yesterday about those term's relation to the cognitive modes of challenge described by Adams and Crawford, but was a bit stymied by the things I'm not sure about. I'd like to get in on interesting conversations you have on the topic.

I'd love to chat about Callois and play - and I'll do my best to avoid the evil terminology ;)

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