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DevildarkI had a bout of insomnia last night; it hit me like a man under a patchwork blanket in a 1960's sci fi morality play. I had to get up twice, and use the TV to lull me into unconsciousness... there's surprisingly little on at 3 am even when you have hundreds of channels to choose between. I have a slight problem as there were none of the usual indicating factors. I'm left with the challenge of making a determination as to whether this was just a random occurence, or whether there is another indicating factor I need to be aware of. I was commenting on other people's blogs before turning in, so perhaps I should avoid doing this late in the day as a precautionary measure.


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Is it an anxiety thing? Brain spinning, can't stop it long enough to catch a Z? I hate that.

It's almost always my mind's wheels spinning uncontrollably when the insomnia hits, although it's rarely anxiety. Sometimes it's something specific I can't stop thinking about, sometimes (like last night) I just can't stop thinking.

Definitely don't get yourself into dialectic or philosophical debate mode. Even if it's not with other people and only with yourself. Even if you're not specifically thinking about the issue in question...

I find that once my brain gets 'turned on' into that mode, it won't quit. Especially dangerous before bed.

Agreed, I would say that keeping away from psychologically stimulating activity before bed should keep this from happening again. Stupid brain, always wanting to think!

I have this weird addiction of having to watch an episode or two of M*A*S*H before i can feel sleepy, even if my eyes are feeling like theyre going to quit on my, my brain wont switch off till ive watched it for a while. Odd pattern really. Ive gone through all 7 seasons i have about 7 times.

I've not slept properly since I came back from L.A.

Personally, I think it's because my heart wants me back in Santa Monica (where I'm relocating in Mid-Jan).

Only other times I can't sleep properly are:

A - when I don't achieve all my set goals for that day

B - have woman troubles

C - have ideas bleeding out of my head

D - am not physically tired

I would not consider the use of sleeping tablets, or booze, though a few inhalations of the finest 'Amsterdam has to offer' helped a lot in the past.

I don't like to rely on such outside measures. The battle is within, so I want to win it from the inside, not without help from outside troops.

Hope this post helps in some way. Maybe your mind is spinning as you have so much you want to do. I think that's part of my sleep problem anyway.

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