An Apology
The Anarchy of Paidia


Bratzhexes_1The company mail this morning contained unexpected presents: firstly, my 200 laser-cut 90mm cardboard hexes for my most recent boardgame project, and secondly our complimentary copy of Bratz: Rock Angels for the GameCube. I'm really pleased to have worked on this project. Although the Bratz dolls are faintly disturbing to my personal sensibilities, the power of the brand meant a game was made for an audience who otherwise would have been ignored, and for this I'm grateful.

There will be one more post from me tomorrow before I set off with my wife for our winter festivities - I drafted it today, but haven't had time get it online. Anyway, I trust our virtual paths will cross again when Pope Greg's New Year rolls by... I wish you all the best of luck surviving the stresses of the season - try and enjoy yourself or, if that isn't an option, obliterate your senses with the help of the many fermented gifts of our microscopic fungal friend yeast.

Have fun!


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