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The Root of All Evil?

A short car journey gave me a chance to overhear a radio debate on BBC Radio 2. Some crackpot was arguing his viewpoint that religion was the root of all evil. I patiently listened to his views, and only rolled my eyes a few times. At the end of the segment I discovered it was Professor Richard Dawkins and instantly felt better about the whole thing. I made my peace with Dawkins when I wrote Dreamtime (which I've just this very second discovered is out of print): brilliant scientist, inept philosopher.

In terms of Temperment Theory, Kiersey suggests that those for whom the Rational temperament is primary find self-confidence in unwavering resolution. I find this idea quite useful in understanding the behaviour of people like Dawkins. I'd like to think that Dawkins genuinally believes he is doing some good by leading a witch-hunt against religion in this way... but I'd also like to suggest that if you want to do good in the world you should do good deeds, rather than publically attacking other people's belief systems - religious or scientific.

Call me a dreamer!


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Obviously Dawkins doesn't believe that "religion was the root of all evil" (he has said that Radio 4 insisted on using that as the title-not him). I'll just point out that he is a member of Atheists for Jesus so maybe you should take another look at his views... I'm also interested in what you'll think of Sam Harris's End of Faith (which I haven't read yet)

Hmm... if he doesn't believe that religion is the root of all evil, why make a Channel 4 series with this title and theme, and then promote it on Radio 4? Personally, I think he has run out of good ideas in the field of evolution and is now making a grand fool of himself by parading his ignorance of theology and philosophy in front of the world. Still, it's his choice! :)

I didn't know that he was a member of Atheists for Jesus. He's not a very good Christian Atheist in my estimation - I see no evidence of this in his public behaviour, but of course, I do not see how he behaves in private.

I haven't read Harris' End of Faith because it doesn't seem that important to me. I find atheists pushing their metaphysics fanatically as Necessary Truth to be a curiosity at best (much like theists engaging in the same hobby) - people are welcome to make testability their god if they wish, but don't expect me to take them seriously if they haven't done their homework. ;)

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