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Fireball Manual

Where does fire go when it dreams?

Enter the strange and wonderful world of Fireball. As a flaming hot ball of fire, you can burn and melt blocks of many different materials, and soar high above the world – before slamming down and exploding in a blast of intense heat. Nothing can hurt you, nothing can stop you.

The hotter you become, the more you can burn.
The hotter you become, the higher you can jump.


Choose your Quest

There are three Paths to choose from...

The Fun Path

Laugh and gaze in wonder at the curiosities of this entertaining and amusing path.

The Puzzle Path

Test your intellectual mettle against the mystifying conundrums of this curious and bewildering path.

The Challenge Path

Struggle to overcome the trials of this formidable path where few have earned victory!

Choose a Quest by burning an object in the Questing Field. The Path it belongs to will be shown. Each Quest consists of six different Fields.

Each Path contains many Quests, and you may change between the Paths whenever you like!


Your progress is automatically saved whenever you complete a Quest, or whenever you quit a Quest and return to the Questing Field.

You must have an 8MB Memory Card for PS2 inserted in the memory card slot for progress to be saved.


How to Be a Fireball

Every Field has an Exit. Reach the Exit to move to the next Field.

Here’s how you control the fireball:

Ps2xbutton_1Press to Jump
The fireball jumps up to its maximum height, then begins to drift gently down towards the ground.

Ps2xbutton_3Then press again to Slam
The fireball crashes down to the ground rapidly, and then explodes – igniting nearby blocks. The slam is slightly hotter than the fireball’s own heat.

Ps2trianglebuttonJump and Top Down View
The fireball jumps, and the view changes to top down. Press again to cancel top down view. (Toggles top down view).

Press to pause. From the pause screen, you can quit the current Quest by pressing Select, or press Start to continue playing.

Because you cannot be hurt, you may sometimes have to restart the current challenge. Hold Select briefly and you will start the current Field again.

Ps2l1buttonSlide Left
Move Sideways to the left 

Ps2r1buttonSlide Right
Move Sideways to the right

Alternative Controls

Find the 'Alternative Control' object in the Options part of the Questing Field and burn it to select the alternative control scheme. Jump and Slam will now be on separate controls:




Remember that you are immortal and therefore never die. However, you may sometimes be unable to reach the exit – especially in Challenge and Puzzle fields. When this happens, just press Select to restart.


Getting Hotter

When you touch a block that is burning hotter than you, you instantly become hotter!

  When you are… You Can Burn… You Can Melt… You Can Jump…

           ● Yellow Hot            Leaf                                                               2 Blocks High

        ●● Orange Hot            Wood                         Plastic                     4 Blocks High

     ●●● Red Hot                   Coal                                                               8 Blocks High

   ●●●● Blue Hot                                                      Metal                     12 Blocks High

●●●●● White Hot              Metal                          Stone                     16 Blocks High



When you Slam, you can set fire to blocks that require you to be just a little hotter.


Your Rewards

Every Quest consists of six fields – the best fireballs will earn Medals!

When you burn a lot of blocks together you earn a Combo.
Your total Combo across a Quest may earn you a Silver or Gold Medal!

Every block you burn is worth 1 Ash
Burn all the blocks in a Quest to earn a Ribbon!
Win by completing any Path!
Become a fireball master by completing all three Paths! 


Ash unlocks Quests in the Fun Path,
Medals unlock Quests in Challenge Path!



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That one tip says to press the start button to restart. To me, "press" is synonymous with "tap" -- it would be quite frustrating to tap the start button and have nothing happen. Maybe you should just make it "hold Select briefly" like you did for the "Restart" section.

I think it would be useful (when possible) to have a picture of the Questing Field, with one of the items burned down revealing a path choice.

Other than that I think this is perfect - short and sweet. Not much else is required, unless we do get online capabilities... In which case a bit on that, and like you said, when multiplayer is sorted, a little on that too.

I think it would be a good idea to have a dedicated website/forum for people to chat about the game, post scores/hints/new levels (if editor is included). So if that was done, a link to that would be useful in the manual...

Thanks for that Adam - well spotted! I've corrected the offline version of the manual, and will change the blog entry at a later date. (Typepad sometimes screws with formating when you post/repost, so it's in my best interest to edit the content as few times as possible!)

Neil - we absolutely need a picture of the Questing Field, as you say. But as you also hint at, we don't actually have this part of the game quite yet. :)

As for a dedicated website/forum... yes, this would be good to have. It's tricky, though, as we are going to be working with several different publishers, and I don't know if we have the money to run such a site ourselves. Something to bear in mind though.

A tight piece of creative technical writing.

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