GDC: A New Vision for Interactive Stories
Grammatical? Lexical? Functional?

GDC: Finished!

Wendy_beth_and_me_2_1That's me with Wendy Despain and Beth Dillon of the IGDA Game Writers' SIG enjoying a drink in the Fairmont at the end of GDC. I spent a considerable amount of time at this year's GDC constructing a Machiavellian scenario designed expressly to persuade Wendy she might like to come in under the International Hobo banner and work with us more closely in the future; if nothing else, I feel she appreciated the care and attention applied to this performance. She may well go elsewhere - I understand a start up company wants her - but I hope she allies with us instead. We'll find out in due time, I'm sure.

I hope you have enjoyed my utterly disjointed coverage of GDC. Normal blogging resumes tomorrow!


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Wow - on this machine, that image is totally black! On the machine I posted it from, it was just dark... Oh well, it's done now. :)

It's just dark on mine.

I don't mind completely black pictures if I'm in them. Ehehehehe.

I see. Another step in your ongoing evil plot - put it out there in public so there are PR repurcussions for me if I don't come to the dark side. See? I'm on to you.

For every evil ploy you uncover there are a dozen more lurking in the shadows... Guard your soul, young game writer! >:>

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