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Grey Victory!

You may well know I have been committed for many years now to supporting players' right to import games without having to double or triple their hardware costs (by buying duplicate hardware), and without having to resort to modchips. Here's one of my many rants on the subject (some of which were published in the European trade press), which points out that if Sony et al want to block piracy, they should start by removing the need for grey market players to have to purchase a modchip.

...And now, apparently, they have, according to this GDC report from IGN, reported at Slashdot. The Sony PS3, following in the footsteps of the PSP, which followed in the footsteps of every Nintendo handheld ever made (they never had regional encoding, blessfully), is going to abandon the notion of regional encoding for games software.

Victory party under the slide!


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