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Introducing: Play With Fire

Fireball_bar2_1This is Play With Fire, AKA The Game Formerly Known as Fireball.

Sadly, an obscure company on the Isle of Man owns a word-only trademark for the name Fireball, and so we have to give it another name. Although it's not yet been confirmed with both of our publishing partners, the new working title is Play With Fire.

Speaking of our publishing partners, the PC release of the game is now less than two months away. Although no firm release date has been set, the latest playable builds are now substantially complete. There's some dotting of i's and crossing of t's to carry out, but I expect we will see the game available for download from Manifesto Games either when they launch or shortly thereafter.

We would like to hear from anyone in the gaming media who would be interested in previewing the game. There has been no coverage in any magazine or website thus far, so there is a world exclusive up for grabs. Anyone interested, please contact us .  Also, if any friends of the project would like to pull on their media links, it would be gratefully appreciated.

This has been a strange and wonderful project to work on; it's also the first game I have not only been lead designer, but director too. The existential vertigo is starting to get to me. I hope that this game's quirky identity and original gameplay will find an audience out there in the deep and echoing vastness of the internet. Please treat us kindly, as the Japanese say.

For more on the history of this  game, see the sidebar links.


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Wow, the game looks so much better than the build I played. And there's a DROP SHADOW!! YES!

The game does look great. Congratulations!

Thanks for the kind words! The game is coming along; going to have to muscle down over the next couple of weeks and really push it towards completion.

Looking good, Chris. Just saw the press release over at GamesPress. Power to your Indie elbow!

Cheers Steve! Looking forward to seeing Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso when you release it (I love 2D games!)

Its funny how those crossing of t's and dotting of i's took three months. First rule of game production: it always takes longer than you planned.

Did I not say that to you at some point? :D But yes, I was thinking the same thing myself. About to put up a short PwF piece today... give me a few minutes. :)

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