Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames

Beware of Cats!

Mrsmoozles Anyone fondly remember the golden age of 2D action adventures? Easy controls... simple yet entertaining stories and puzzles... cute graphics... I certainly do. Check out the demo of Steve Ince's Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso which you can get here. This is vintage stuff, although if you're looking for something new, it won't push your buttons. I found it charming - retro, but with a lot less friction than the classic 2D action adventures. And it's got anthropomorphic animals to boot!


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I likeds it, there are a few rough edges with the controls, but the writing is very charming and the reality distortion concept is interesting.

I wonder though why Mr. Ince felt compelled to include agonic elements into the game when there was no explicit publisher pressure to do so?

If "agonic" means being shot by a randomly moving cat while running down a long corridor (that is only as wide as your character) then I couldn't agree with you more.

The writing was interesting enough that I enjoyed reading it but I don't want to know what happens.

That and no spark in any puzzle seen means I won't be buying the full game.

I like the subject of this post not as a segue into talking about that game, but just as a general pronouncement. Chris discourses intelligently on a wide variety of subjects, I like to think that he might put out a public service announcement for our benefit. I have a cat and he is very charming and loveable, but I still think "beware of cats!" is pretty sound advice.

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