Gathering Steam


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I'm sorry for your loss, I hope you come back collected and ressurected. In the meantime lets put out a game!

Patrick, Chris is merely indulging the centuries-old celebratory custom of the book editor: upon publishing of a book, the book editor shall embark on a weeks-long, drug-fueled odyssey of epic proportions.

When the hallucinogens finally wear off, Chris will likely find himself on an entirely different continent, dressed as a historically accurate retainer of Louis the XIV's court, and with vivid recollections of lengthy conversations with squirrels (who will have sustained him, coincidentally, with nuts and recovered food). After acquiring some sensible clothing and a brief but humorous encounter with the local law enforcement, Chris will make his way back to his patient but concerned wife and resume blogging. This is what he means by "Caesura".

You know I had an experience like that last night.

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