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Porthos The danger of writing prequels in science fiction and fantasy is that fans of these genres often display an almost irrational desire for perfect consistency throughout the lifetime of a franchise. The desire for canonical consistency in the Star Trek franchises is a clear expression of this, with some fans insisting that their own internal representation of the series mythos is somehow factual. In this light, attempting a prequel series was always going to be difficult. Perhaps this contributed to Enterprise's eventual cancellation.

On the other hand, perhaps it was just that the theme tune verged upon musical abomination. It certainly helped me stop watching!


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I managed to never once listen to the abomination that was Russel Watson's "singing" as the opening credits... And I watched all of the Enterprises.

I can fully believe that the opening credits killed a pretty decent percentage of the viewers (*maybe* not literally ;-) ).

The problem with Enterprise is that it had no clear vision. Even if you enjoyed one episode, the next would likely be in a completely different style less to your liking. So it couldn't get a returning audience. And the problem with Enterprise as a prequel is not a disregard for continuity (which only bothers the strongest of fans) but a complete disregard for the potential of the prequel concept. It doesn't really show how the Federation or Starfleet was formed, it doesn't show how humanity got from the state we're in today to the utopia of Star Trek- it starts out in a universe just as perfect and simplistic as the other Star Trek shows. By not demonstrating growth over the course of the show, using planet-of-the-week formulas, and introducing out-of-place concepts such as the Xindi and the Temporal Cold War, it never actually got around to being a successful prequel up to the fourth season, by which time it was too late.

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