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Word Ate My Homework

No post of substance today because Microsoft Word ate my notes for the week. All of them. They were in a Word document, which yesterday developed a strange bug - a black line which I could not delete. Today, everything below that line - which happens to be the entirety of this week's notes - is gone. There's no trace of it whatsoever. I would be furious, but I expect this sort of behaviour from Microsoft products, which lessens the frustration when they invariably let me down.

Hope everyone else's day got off to a better start!


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Have you tried turning on formatting to see what might be there?

Also - try opening the word doc in WordPad or even notepad, and you might be able to rip the meat out of it.

I've never had a problem with MS products... I don't know what everyone is always complaining about :)

Truly you are the Ned Flanders of Microsoft Productivity Software. >:) *Never* had a problem? Surely we are not sharing the same reality! :)

I hacked into the doc file using a number of tools but found that the text wasn't just hidden, it was gone forever. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Fortunately for me, Firefox keeps a detailed history of websites visited, and an hour and a half working back through that allowed me to reconstruct pretty much everything I think.

Still, irksome.

OK, maybe not NEVER, but never anything that's lost me data - I've only had a few small fights trying to get word to format something the way _I_ want it, not what it wants to do.

I always win though.

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