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And that's that! Having finally got around to posting on the last three topics, I feel tangibly lighter - as if I have exorcised a twenty pound demon who has been sat on my shoulder for decades. My especial thanks to the players who have participated fully in the metaphysics campaign (you know who you are!) I hope you had as much fun with it as I did - I had a blast! I think my personal favourite was This is Not a Tomato - I'd love to know if you have any favourite posts or discussions from this campaign.

My best wishes to you all!


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Fantastic! I've been a silent, but avid reader. These blog posts have been the highlight of my blog roll.

"These blog posts have been the highlight of my blog roll."

Seconded. Even if some of the less insightful responses haven't.

... wait till we get to the ethics/politics section... fasten seat belts ;D

John: thanks for disengaging your internet cloaking device long enough to drop into The Green Room. :) I appreciate it!

translucy: Fortunately, ethics is a fair way in the future right now, as I have a pile of books the size of my head to read first. :D

I'm on the road now but I've still made time to keep up with Only a Game. Sometimes your posts make for a heavy intellectual breakfast, but once digested, it's a very healthy way to start the day :)
Looking forward to the next campaign!

Humph! I missed this post* and didn't know you were done with metaphysics, nor that ethics/politics was coming.

Hate to drag you back, and I know you already have a backlog on your reading list, but have you ever read Robert Pirsig's books? The books are Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values and Lila: An Inquiry into Morals. (As usual, wikipedia is a good starting point ^_^). The framework is very interesting.

The second book might also be useful for the ethics campaign (I'll be a player) but I must confess that I'm ambivalent about recommending it.

*It would be a little easier if you archive page displayed only the topics (or the first paragraph) of each post. Hopefully I'll catch up to you more recent posts soon.

Suyi: I don't have much capacity to change how the archive pages work, unfortunately. In fact, having just reviewed the options, the only thing I could do is change from monthly to weekly archives - not enormously helpful. :( Thanks for the suggestion anyway!

Thanks also for the book recommendations - as ever, my reading list is looking insurmountable... However, I'm travelling soon so I might well get through some of them.

No idea when the ethics campaign will kick off... Spring next year, maybe? Should be fun! :)

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