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Steve Irwin

Lismore_steve_irwinI'm very sorry to report that earlier today, Steve Irwin, the infamous "Crocodile Hunter", died owing to an unfortunate accident while diving on the Great Barrier Reef. A tireless campaigner for ecological issues, in particular the importance of protecting top predator species such as sharks and crocodiles, Steve was one of the great conservationists of the twentieth century. His television shows took millions of people into his unique world, showing hundreds of species in their natural habitats, demystifying what is usually sensationalised, and revealing the natural world in all its beauty and strangeness with an honest and distinctly human editorial touch that I have always admired. My sympathy goes out to his wife, Terri, and his two children. He will be missed.


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Aww, man, Steve was excellent to watch, and I also loved his shows.

I hope he gets to be covered in his favourite animal friends wherever he is now.

Bummer, he seemed like a righteous individual.

Does anyone know if he was saved?? If e was Christian?? Thanks everyone!

Nicole: I do not know what Steve's faith was, and surely it should not matter. As a Christian, would it not be more appropriate to feel compassion towards Steve's family at this sad time?

Steve's relationship with God is surely his own private business.

Take care!

Nicole, this has been the question reverberating in my mind...

Yes it is sad butI just was wondering if Steve was saved not to be judgemental but just to know if he is with the lord. And why is it his private business? It's just like asking if his parents are together or not. Whats the big deal? Take Care!!

I didn't mean to sound hostile, Nicole; hope you didn't take it that way. Best wishes!

We All love You Steve!!! Best Wishes and happy thoughts!! Hope you're with God!!

Love Ya

Bless you Steve - you were truly one of a kind and will be with us in our hearts always.

Your mate, Saman

Steve's religion isnt really nessisary, all i know is that he was a great aussie bloke that evryone could look up to and think " He was a great guy who lived his dream and died doing what he loved " R.I.P mate

__Steve's religion isnt really nessisary__

What is so wrong with asking what Steve's Religion was? Why does everone think it is awful to ask that??


There seems to be a belief floating around in this discussion that if Steve was not a self-professed Christian (ie: saved) that he must therefore be unsaved and presumably lost and burning in the fires of hell.

That's a pretty scary and unattractive thought, IMO.

According to the Bible you must be born again to go to heaven. That is the very reason for Jesus to came here to be born, live with us, die on the cross for our sins, and ressurected. I believe that with all my heart.
Also, I hope Steve believed that because he was a great wonderful man who loved his life and family and did great things.
But, hell is full of nice people.
So yes I wondered if he was saved myself.

Darlene: thanks for sharing your perspective. Jesus never said you had to be born again to go to heaven, that opinion came later. I respect your beliefs, but the way I read the Bible, Jesus' message was one of love for all mankind, not a threat of eternal punishment. Jesus' only commandment was that we love one another as he loved us. That's the teaching I choose to follow, and I hope that whatever your metaphysical beliefs on the interpretation of the Bible you follow this teaching too.

All I know is that God is beyond our understanding, and although we are free to choose to interpret the Bible however we wish, the sheer variety of different beliefs the Bible inspires suggests that either this diversity of understanding is born of mankinds's limited nature, or else it is divinely inspired, as the Sufi and others believe, in which case all spiritual paths lead to God in some way.

But of course, you are entitled to believe what you choose - I wouldn't want to take that away from you.

Best wishes!

this discussion has turned to a sort of argument on wether steve was religious or not and what people beleive in. Seriously people.

I'm a bit perplexed myself, Nathan. I just wanted to post a brief memorial for Steve because he meant a lot to me. I certainly did not anticipate this turning into a theological discussion.

I am considering closing the comments for this post, but I'll leave it another week at least.

Jesus did in fact say in John 3:3 that you must be born again to enter Heaven. Jesus also said that there is only one way to Heaven..and He's it..."I am the Way, the truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father but through Me." John 14:6
Those of us who loved Steve Irwin and who also know God's truth about salvation are simply concerned for Steve's eternity. If we didn't care about Steve, we wouldn't be asking.
God's blessings be upon you all.

Linda: I'm afraid I just don't interpret either of these verses the same way as you, sorry... And since this really isn't the best forum to be discussing interpretation of religious texts, we'll just have to bear in mind that we are coming at this from different angles.

It's nice that so many of you care about Steve's immortal soul; as far as I'm concerned, Steve is with God. When you are all dead and with God, then you will find the answer to your question. Until then, let us continue to care for those who are still in this world.

Best wishes!

Dear all,

I've decided to close comments on this post now, before the weekend gets underway.

I really do appreciate everyone coming and sharing their grief and feelings, but there really is nothing more I can offer.

If you want my adjudication, it's that Steve is with God. If you want a more definitive ruling, you'll have to take it up with the entity upstairs!

My unlimited love to you all,


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