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Back next week. In the meantime, let me just note that my ongoing battle to control my name in Google is still blocked by some track and field athlete at MIT who shares my name. I cannot shift him from the top spot on my Google name search - I guess I just can't beat the superior connectivity of a famous university. Have fun everyone!


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Well at least you appear in the search for your name!

It's even worse if you search for Christopher Bateman. Mwahahaha.

But that track guy... His speciality is jump. Surely you can beat him off (cough), and if not a foot nailed to the ground would surely make you able to jump higher than him?

Then you could email Google and let them know - they would surely sort out the rankings then. See? Easily sorted. ;-) That's why I am a troubleshooter...

Although my site is currently the top Google result for my (rather common) name, I'm hatching a scheme to keep myself at the top of that list for all eternity. I plan to create a wiki-fied "disambiguation page" for all the fellows who share my name, helping people identify which of me they're looking for. The resulting page should, over time, become the most relevant result for folks searching on my name.

My blogger profile comes up first when googling my name, which is tight. When I came to you I was the learner, but now I am the master.

To which you reply: "only a master of SEO Dugan!"

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