Shuffling Cards

Almost There

About to put up the penultimate temperament pattern, Artisan. These profiles have been hard work, but it's useful to have these done as it will enable me to talk more about how this relates to play and hence to game design. The way I see it is that I needed to do these at some point, and the blog is a good tool for the job. It's readily apparent that they are completely disrupting my regular blogflow, but the last one should go up next week.

After next week, I'm going to be away for a while and the blog will be on hiatus, but I'll try and get in some posts on the design issues for Reluctant Hero, as it looks like I will be doing a lot of work on this over the next few months. Also, I hope to be announcing a release date for Play with Fire (fingers crossed).

It's my wife's birthday tomorrow, so I fully expect to have a magnificent weekend - I hope you will too!


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