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October already; I can scarcely believe Summer is behind us. More disrupted blogging this week, as I am off to London once again this Thursday. Should be able to get two or three posts up before then, though. A few random notes:

  • As officially confirmed in the comments to this blog, it seems an OS X version of Reluctant Hero is not out of the question. Of course, first we must secure a publisher!
  • My chipped PlayStation stopped working again. Fortunately, I don't have any import games left to play right now, having given up on the glacially slow Front Mission 4, and the PS3 is thankfully going to be region free. I wonder if the backwards compatiblity will also be region free? Anyone know?
  • I'm watching Fruits Baskets at the moment, and thoroughly enjoying it. Finally, an anime show I can watch with my wife - much as I enjoy giant fighting robots or animated demon pornography, it's nice to see an anime with a tender heart.
  • To celebrate Ramadan, I will be putting up a post about Sufism (one of my five religions) later this week. I've been meaning to do this for a while but haven't got around to it until now.
  • Watched Little Miss Sunshine at the cinema this weekend and found it an utterly charming comedy, with a touch of cultural subversion thrown in for good measure. I guess this is an indie movie, but it cost $8 million to make. That's an indie budget in films? That's a mass market budget in games. Makes you think.

Hope you're enjoying the colours of Autumn, unless you're in the Southern hemisphere, in which case enjoy the onset of Spring!


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Yo that does make you think.

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