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Happy Diwali!


Happy Festival of Lights to any Hindu readers!

Diwali (of Deepavali) is a major festival in Hindu,  Sikh and Jain traditions.  It symbolises the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, and oil lamps  are lit in celebration as a sign of hope for all mankind. The timing of the event depends upon the phases of the moon; Diwali for 2006 will fall on Saturday 21st October.

Shubh deepavali!


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Wishing you the same too (albeit belated). Incidentally you may like to know that in many many parts of India people from all religions (hindu, moslem, sikh, jain, parsi etc.) greet each other and celebrate it on this occasion and not just hindus.

That's good to know, Rputran! It seemed to me, from my short visit to India, that there was a greater sense of inter-faith tolerance there than in some other countries, but as a visitor I have no idea how accurate my impression was. :)

Best wishes!

Hi Everone Have a nice Diwali

This was a post for last year's Diwali, Poonam. :) Isn't this year's still three weeks away (November 9th)?

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