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Reluctant Hero on RPGWatch

New website RPGWatch has launched, and one of their articles is a developer diary for Reluctant Hero, written by myself. It expands upon many of the points explored here on the blog regarding time, experience and the chapter system. Check it out here.

I expect to be posting more about the design of the game in the next few months - in particular, the underlying data model and how it relates to the dynamic story elements, as there is still considerable work to be done on this aspect.


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I really like the cut of your jib here. Its good to see a hardcore response thats positive. I must reaffirm my desire to work on this game just for the sake of it.

I almost missed the small link in the top left corner: http://www.rpgwatch.com/?rwsiteid=2

There's MMORPG info. Very nice stuff - lots of up-to-date information. Thanks for the link!

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