Time of Change

Warming the Teapot

Back from travels both diverse and international, and ready for the tough push towards the Winter Festivals. I'm doubtful that posting will resume before Tuesday next week, but let's see what happens. A few idle thoughts...

  • Many thanks to everyone who attended my talk on Play Styles and Player Needs at the Montreal International Game Summit. It was a pleasure to be invited to talk at this event!
  • The push for a Master version of Play with Fire must reach its climax shortly - still hoping to hit a release date in December.
  • I'm off to Slovakia in December to meet with 3D People and discuss various matters arising with them, including making some framework decisions for Reluctant Hero. I might try and air out some of the remaining design issues here before I go.
  • I'm making some progress on my reading list; I guess the Ethics campaign will probably begin in the Spring. I still have quite a bit of Temperament material to get out of my system first, including profiles of Strategic, Tactical, Logistical and Diplomatic play, which was the point of the exercise to begin with. Also, some more outlandish pieces, such as what Temperament Theory suggests about politics.
  • I find it interesting that I'm actually now debating the choice between a 360 and a PS3, although I feel no great compulsion towards either at the moment. More interesting right now is the European launch of Wii in just a fortnight's time. Looking forward to reading the response to the US release in other people's blogs shortly. I expect the hardcore players to be disappointed by the lack of sensitivity with the wiimote (compared to a mouse), although I doubt the casual audience will care as they didn't with the EyeToy (which was even less sensitive).

More soon!


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Hey, I playtested the master candidate almost a month ago and found the medal assignment was not working, and that metal wasn't melting soon enough for a few levels to work properly. I didn't encounter any major bugs otherwise. Has anything been done about those two problems in the past month? If so, then I can play through the whole thing thoroughly and we can make a judgement on release.

We should get a new Master Candidate today. I'm pretty sure the Medal Assignment bug was fixed a while back, and all the melting/burning behaviours were fixed with the 1200 degree fix (I think) so it should be all clear to be tested through. Will let you know once we have the build, and thanks once again for the assistance!

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your holiday.

I consider myself a "hardcore" player to a large extent and I'm loving the Wii controls. But then, I'm a "hardcore" player that is remarkably open to change and new gameplay experiences, so I probably don't count. *kniw*

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