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PwF: Power to Game Art!

Digital Artist Management has a short piece on Play with Fire; here's a quote:

“The idea was to cut the cost of development any way we could and then target a niche audience that we knew we could please. The basic way we cut development costs was through the game design. For example, Play With Fire was designed with only three verbs: move and jump, which are trivial to implement, and burn, which admittedly was a little trickier. The game world would be built entirely of cubes, because they'd be easy to render and easy to build with, so that the only tricky technical issues were in the implementation of the burning mechanics.

Many thanks to Dan Boutros for making it happen!


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I really believe some of the techniques tried in this production are viable elsewhere, and cut cut budgets by as much as 85%. How much would PwF have cost using consolidated in-house personelle with a monthly burn rate and publisher feature demands? Half a million? A million? In an alternate universe we're all broke and bitter.

Of course, we haven't proved this model is profit-making yet. ;)

We will. Let me know the week before it's out and i'll put you in touch with all the main UK editors to pimp this.

Eurogamer / GI.biz would love this I think.


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